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Two-factor authentication: pain or necessity?

Two-factor authentication: pain or necessity?

2FA is so named because it requires the user to have two factors at the entrance:  
— the first one is what you know (password);
 — the second one is what you have access to (additional security code from your mobile device or physical token).

Two-factor authentication increases the likelihood that only you can get access to your account, even if the password is known to someone else. As a second step, the account is bound to an application that generates a random entry code (token). In other words, the user needs to confirm twice that it is he/she, and only after checking two authentication factors he will be able to log in to the system
Such authentication serves as a barrier for intruders. If the fraudster somehow finds out the data to log into your account, he will also need a unique one-time code, which is almost impossible to figure out.
How to activate 2FA in the account on the BTC-Alpha exchange?
We offer to your attention a step-by-step algorithm for the activation of two-stage authentication on BTC-Alpha:
1. Log in to your account using your email and password.
2. Select the «Security» item in the context menu in the top right corner of the ↗ screen.

3. After that, you get into the«Sessions»; now select the «Two-factor Authentication» tab and click «Enable Two-factor Authentication».
4. Follow the instructions and perform the steps described to enable two-step authentication.

5. You also need to install the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone, which, based on the QR code, will form a temporary token.

NB: Keep a copy of the QR code in a safe place.
Is 2FA effective?
The benefit of two-factor authentication is difficult to overestimate. Any type of 2FA provides significant protection for important accounts, such as your email, social networks and bank accounts, etc.
Two-factor authentication is especially necessary if you reuse passwords. Many people reuse passwords on different websites, and if the password database of one website leaks, this password becomes vulnerable on other resources. Two-factor authentication becomes a kind of barrier between the attacker and your account (or even accounts).
Naturally, this does not mean that you have to reuse passwords. However, 2FA will definitely add confidence in the security of your data. Two-factor is exactly the case when a few minutes of activation time can cost you a fortune.

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