2021-03-15 14:20:24

⚔️Trading Battle On BTC-Alpha: The Beginning Of The Great Event!

⚔️Trading Battle On BTC-Alpha: The Beginning Of The Great Event!

🎉Dear users!

We are pleased to announce the start of the Demo Trading Battle at BTC-ALpha with a prize pool of over 500,000💰!Where the first 10,000 participants will receive guaranteed prizes!

Now, pumping your trading skills has become even more fun! Making money without investment, while learning — is possible!

🚀Demo Trading Battle is a unique opportunity to win valuable prizes simply by trading in demo mode.

The more your earnings in USD equivalent on a demo wallet — the more chances of winning.

What will the winners of the Battle receive?

The 3 best traders who participate in the Demo Battle will collect cash prizes on their spot wallet:

🥇1st place — 3000 USDT

🥈2nd place — 1000 USDT

🥉3rd place — 500 USDT

TOP 10,000 will receive 50 USD for trading fee redemption within 30 days!

Are you sure that the conditions can be even more favorable?😱

🤷Check it out for yourself — become a member and take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn in practice and get cash prizes!

Hurry to take your position in the standings right now!

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