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Trade Popular DeFi Tokens — Now It’s Possible On BTC-Alpha

Trade Popular DeFi Tokens — Now It’s Possible On BTC-Alpha

The ten most talked-about DeFi projects are now available for traders on the BTC-Alpha platform. The integrated ones include Yearn Finance, UniSwap, Maker, Synthetix Network Token, REN, Compound, 0x, Aave (LEND), Loopring, Balancer.

Why Were These Tokens Added To The Platform?

The cryptocurrency exchange team took a responsible approach to the selection of projects. Therefore, of the many presented on the crypto market, the 10 most promising were integrated. These projects have caught the attention of investors around the world, showing thousands and even tens of thousands of percent growth in the last couple of months (i.e., the Yearn.finance token has not only overtaken Bitcoin in price, which until recently seemed impossible in principle. Yearn.finance cost on September 11, 2020 peaked at $43,969).

High volatility is often accompanied by significant financial risks. Regardless of the amount of entry, remember the first rule of trading which is «Don't Lose». «Please make sure you assess the risks before you start trading new tokens. To minimize potential losses, we recommend that you also use a stop-limit order,» the BTC-Alpha team draws the attention of traders.

Why There Is So Much Discussion Around DeFi

DeFi's goal is to create a financial ecosystem free from the problems of traditional finance and banks: transparent, open-source, with no permits or any central authority.

For half a year in 2020, the DeFi market has gone from $ 1 billion to $ 7 billion. At the moment, the growth trend continues and the amount of investment is rapidly increasing. Read more about DeFi's features and popular projects in our Alpha Stories post.

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