2019-07-17 20:18:03

The XBV Token is now on BTC-Alpha

The XBV Token is now on BTC-Alpha

Dear users!

We're glad to announce the good news - the XBV token has been integrated into the BTC-Alpha exchange.

What do you need to know about XBV? BlockVentures’ XBV exists to Tokenize the World. The tokenized XBV ecosystem is supported by underlying assets including real estate, technologies, business units, STOs/ICOs, owned & allied brands. The company actively develops, builds and grows tokenized ecosystems where thinking individuals are empowered to work freely as a community to innovate and create tokenized value. These ecosystems and each BlockVentures’ enterprise are connected by the XBV token.

Trading is available on the exchange in XBV/BTC, XBV/ETH, XBV/USD pairs.

We wish you successful trading! XBV/USD

Sincerely, BTC-Alpha

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