2020-01-28 16:12:23

The long-awaited release: welcome night mode on BTC-Alpha!

The long-awaited release: welcome night mode on BTC-Alpha!

Update on the BTC-Alpha: dark mode and other features

The BTC-Alpha team is pleased to present an updated version of the exchange interface. We have worked hard to present you an even more convenient and practical design for trading today.

What has changed?
Our team finalized the light interface, improving its usability. We sincerely hope that all our traders will appreciate the benefits of the implemented changes in time.

One of the most important and demanded updates in our community has become night mode. The dark mode is especially relevant in the sphere of exchange trading, because traders often spend most of the day (including night) in front of the screen. When using the night mode, as noted by users of various services and applications, the overall health of the body becomes better. Why? It's simple: due to the lack of bright white light, eyes and brain are much less tired. These pleasant pluses for the health of the user became one of the arguments for the popularity of the dark theme of the interface.

Creating a night mode, we primarily wanted to make your trading on the exchange comfortable - including at night. Besides, our team made every effort and devoted a lot of time to making the dark theme look modern, comfortable and cool. The team worked hard to make your experience on the platform more comfortable. Evaluate the changes we have introduced and be sure to share feedback with us. We need to hear your opinion.
Write to us in the official social networks, we will be glad to every positive feedback. Our team is also always happy with constructive criticism: we promise to answer every constructive comment and suggestion regarding dark design in this way.

BTC-Alpha Team

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