2019-09-16 14:23:23

The "Aunit-Rally 2019" contest is over ❕

The "Aunit-Rally 2019" contest is over ❕

🏁 159 participants crossed the finish line of "Aunit-Rally 2019", and the total amount of purchased Aunit exceeded 2.6 million tokens.

The number of prizes in the contest depended on the total volume of trading on currency pairs with AUNIT on the BTC-Alpha exchange. Unfortunately, that volume was not eligible for the iPhone X and MacBook Pro draw, but three iPads Air are waiting for their owners!

✔️ We already know the first winner - this is the rating’s leader, whose ID is ID-HA99X87M268. Even in the middle of the competition, he had been firmly keeping one of the top positions without giving it up to his rivals until the very end. Congratulations!

The names of two other lucky people who will also receive an iPad as a gift will be announced tomorrow. Watch the broadcast at 18: 00 GMT on the Aunit-Rally website or the YouTube channel, and find out who will get the rewards!
Find out the results: here

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