2019-01-04 13:40:47

Steneum coin SWAP

Steneum coin SWAP

Several days ago we have stopped Sterneum coin deposits. The reason is that network is not stable and developers decided to swap coin to Ethereum network as Bitsten Token (BST). More detailed information about reasons and plans of swap, also information about terms is available by the following link: https://help.bitsten.com/en/what-is-bitsten-token-bst/.

The short plan sequence:

1. Withdraw STN to bitsten.com
2. Swap STN to BST
3. Deposit them to BTC-Alpha platform or hold them on your own wallet :)


Do not deposit Steneum to our address, we will not credit it.

Steneum withdrawals will be available to the 8th of February (but swap amount is limited to 14 million, so do it as soon as possible). After this STN will not be available at the platform

Steneum trades on BTC-Alpha platform will be disabled on the 5th of January 2019.

Created but not activated STN Alpha-codes will be refunded to the creator balances after trade disabling.

We are planning to list Bitsten Token (BST) on BTC-Alpha in the nearest time. We will announce it later

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