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Rooted / jailbreak devices: what are the risks?

Rooted / jailbreak devices: what are the risks?

Rooted / jailbreak devices: what are the risks?

What is a rooted device?

Rooting devices, no matter what the operating system, usually means discovering a bug of some sort that lets you bypass internal protections and gain complete control over the operating system — to become the “root” user, who has all privileges and all access. Rooting on iOS devices is called “jailbreak,” as it allows the user to break out of constraints of the operating system.

Is rooting a device a security risk?

It is no secret that tooting disables some of the built-in security features of the operating system. Since today’s smartphones operate in an environment filled with threats from attackers, buggy or malicious applications - anything that reduces the internal controls in the operating system represents a higher risk.

Why we do not recommend using BTC-Alpha on rooted / jailbreak devices?

The rooted device makes it possible to permit programs to read data from other programs. This is a potential risk of user data leakage. However, the application does not recognize this leak. Therefore, we do not recommend using our programs on rooted or jailbreak devices.

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