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OURO, welcome on board!

OURO, welcome on board!

Meet the OURO coin on BTC-Alpha!

⚪️ Ouroboros is a new generation DPOS cryptocurrency. The coin delivers high transaction transmission capacity with low fees and ease of management.

What is remarkable about OURO

✔️ Safety is one of the main priorities. The official wallet uses Google Authenticator and audits the information security of all projects through a private bug bounty program.
✔️ Capacity: the minimum level is 1 thousand transactions per second and 5 seconds in average to generate one block. Your transaction will be confirmed within a maximum of 10 seconds of being sent.
✔️ The voting system inherited from the Cosmos implements a democratic approach. Any user can vote on the change they want.
✔️ Honesty and openness to the community is an important component of development. The project notifies users of all plans through official channels and discusses solutions with the community before implementing them.
✔️ Paramining is one of the most interesting features, which Ouroboros can offer. Classic mining is often an expensive and inefficient process, inaccessible to most. The OURO coin, in turn, offers its users progressive and effective solutions.


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