2020-09-01 14:34:17

Notice of scheduled technical maintenance on BTC-Alpha

Notice of scheduled technical maintenance on BTC-Alpha

Dear users!

📢 The BTC-Alpha team announces a platform update that will take place tomorrow, 02/09/2020, at 8:00 AM UTC. The update will take up to 5 minutes.

What opportunities will appear

▪️ Stop orders will be added - in the web version they will be available immediately. The API will work as before, but only limit orders will be available. For creating stop orders, we will soon release new API methods to keep the old ones compatible.

▪️ iOS users will need to update the app to the latest version to get the latest information. Previous versions will operate but may experience delays in price updates.

▪️ There may be delays in updating prices in the order book of the Android application. Please note that this application is in Beta version, and these inconveniences will be eliminated shortly.

▪️ Also, with the update, 7 new language localizations will be added. Follow the news! 🔔

We ask you to treat with understanding possible delays and report non-standard situations to our support service at [email protected] 📩

Sincerely, BTC-Alpha Team

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