2020-12-29 07:29:45

New token available for staking — Kargo (KRG)

New token available for staking — Kargo (KRG)

Dear users,

🚀Good news on BTC-Alpha!

Recently we launched a Flexible Staking product on our platform. Many users have already managed to take advantage of the staking opportunity and get their percentage of profit. Today, we are pleased to present a new staking token — Kargo (KRG).

👉Why is staking of this token interesting?

  1. Progressive percentage is an opportunity to earn up to 62% APY, where the percentage of income grows depending on the time of staking.

  2. Instant staking closing — a percentage of the hold can be taken at any time.

  3. Flexibility of the staking amount — the ability to increase the amount of an open staking position without losing interest, where it continues to grow.

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