2022-02-18 08:04:38

New Member In Ous Social Listing - Decimal

New Member In Ous Social Listing - Decimal

Meet the new member of the Social Listing on BTC-Alpha! Decimal is a project that aims to make blockchain accessible even to dummies. It allows you to create businesses and your own coins based on Tendermint, a technology used by the famous Cosmos blockchain. The project also supports NFT creation and free cross-chain exchange.

The native token of the DEL project is the reserve currency for every coin created in the Decimal ecosystem. When you install a masternode, you become a validator and you are rewarded in DEL for each block created. The coins are mined using the DPOS consensus algorithm, which allows you to delegate the process to other validators and receive profit from them.

You can vote for Decimal on the Social Listing with the ALC tokens you were awarded upon registration. If the project gets the required number of votes, it will appear in the listing on BTC-Alpha.