2021-06-14 09:05:24

New listing on BTC-Alpha: Boco Coin (BCC) is now available for trading!

New listing on BTC-Alpha: Boco Coin (BCC) is now available for trading!

Dear Customers,

The BTC-Alpha team is ready to announce the listing of Boco Coin on our exchange!

What is special about BCC?

A high-speed network of Bitcoin blockchains has an instant block period of 10 seconds or less. This allows performing almost immediate payments throughout the entire ecosystem.

Safety. A time-proven technology used by the biggest companies on the market provides the safety of the network confirmed by the DPoS consensus algorithm.

Low cost transactions. To solve the problems of the users who have no access to the banking services the priority belongs to systems with low transaction costs. The cost of BCC transfer is much cheaper than a cup of coffee. This makes it a perfect option for the developing markets.

Global coverage to make a revolution in the payment systems of the densely populated areas of Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, Asian Pacific region and the southern part of Africa. But the technical compatibility of BCC is easily scaled in the other world’s countries to meet the needs of those who aren’t covered with the banking services.

Deposits and trades of Boco Coins are already available on BTC-Alpha!