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New KYC rules since November 1 - for all BTC-Alpha users

New KYC rules since November 1 - for all BTC-Alpha users

The BTC-Alpha team is constantly working to increase the security level of user operations and provide new services on the cryptocurrency platform. That is why, since November 1, 2019, we are introducing new conditions for user verification.

Increased attention to KYC is our next step in the development of the exchange, which will give users new opportunities and functionality. In particular - the ability to accelerate and optimize the deposit/withdrawal of funds, as well as provide the service of withdrawing funds to credit cards and bank accounts.

The BTC-Alpha team stands for a personalized approach and is moving towards the further development of products and the transparency of the services provided.
We draw your attention to the fact that since November 1, 2019, a daily withdrawal of funds in the amount of more than 5000 USDT in equivalent on BTC-Alpha will be carried out only after the user has gone through the verification procedure (at least to Level 2). So you can be sure that your funds are well protected, and BTC-Alpha will be
able to protect your assets from fraud and minimize delays in deposit/withdrawal of funds.

We wish you successful trading with BTC-Alpha!

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