2021-06-01 10:05:52

Meet the Global Bank of Memories on Social Listing!

Meet the Global Bank of Memories on Social Listing!

🎉BTC-Alpha team is ready to announce a new Social Listing participant. Meet the Global Bank of Memories!

Global Bank of Memories (GMB) is a decentralized data warehouse focused on working with DApps with an open API and the ability to create your own coins that do not require fees. It is an ecosystem that allows information to be stored and encrypted using Blockchain technology, in which custodians, users and DApp developers participate.

The Stellar-based GMB blockchain is used for notifications, account verification, storage fees, and is also used in the digital will to allocate rights to data and in the family tree to confirm ancestral ties.

What are the benefits of GBM?

✅Transaction speed less than 10 seconds

✅Large community


✅Grouping / Atomicity

✅ Sequence

✅ Notorization

Bank of Memories is a mobile service that helps to accumulate digital capital, direct it to the future and structurally preserve the past, creating a digital image of the owner. To steer cryptocurrency into the future

The social aspect of Global Bank of Memories creates digital copies of cultural objects, architecture and events, preserves and transfers cultural heritage to future generations and memories in the NFT.

Get GBM for Voting!

🚀Due to Social listing the Global Bank of Memories Team is going to hold an airdrop among the users who vote for them.

3,000 voters who donate 100 ALC to the Global Bank of Memories will get a bonus of 25 GBM on their balance on BTC-Alpha. The funding will take place right after the listing of the project on the platform!