2021-04-06 11:32:51

Relisting of PARKGENE Token on the BTC-Alpha exchange!

Relisting of PARKGENE Token on the BTC-Alpha exchange!

🎉We are pleased to announce the re-integration of the PARKGENE (GENE) token on our platform!

During negotiations with the administration of the token, it was decided that the PARKGENE token will be renewed on the BTC-Alpha platform.

Let's remember the basics about the project.

📌PARKGENE is the first global peer-to-peer blockchain parking application, making the adoption of Smart City technologies in everyday life possible today. PARKGENE features over 6 million professional parking spots located in 8 thousand cities around the world.

📌GENE token is an Ethereum ERC-20 token which acts as the native currency for the PARKGENE ecosystem.

📌PARKGENE has spun-off a crypto-friendly banking project, Excelon, to offer advanced digital money services, including FIAT payment accounts with IBAN, Prepaid Mastercard, Crypto Wallet, and Exchange.

🚀Deposits and withdrawals of tokens work as usual.

Following the decision of the token administration, the GENE\BTC pair was resumed on the platform, meanwhile the GENE\USD pair is no longer available, and all orders for the pair were canceled.

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