2020-07-03 11:37:51

Listing on BTC-Alpha: Welcome the KVANT coin

Listing on BTC-Alpha: Welcome the KVANT coin

We are in a hurry to announce the addition of a new asset! Greet: KVANT coin is now available for trading on BTC-Alpha.

What is this project about?

KVANT is a Byzantine fault tolerance blockchain based on the Tendermint core. Modern technological base allows you to make thousands of transactions in seconds. At the same time, there is practically no commission for transfers. This technological solution is combined with ease of use. The philosophy of the project is to provide opportunities for everyone who wants to become a crypto evangelist, spread the ideas of digital modernization of modern society and make money on itπŸ’°

What is remarkable about KVANT?

βœ… Speed - more than 2000 transactions per second;
βœ… Security (Byzantine fault tolerance);
βœ… Minimal fee (less than $0.01);
βœ… DPoS technology.

The transaction speed on the KVANT blockchain is truly impressive. Forget about system freezes. Most cryptocurrency users have come across a situation where you need to quickly send funds to another wallet. If the choice fell on Bitcoin, then often sending took hours. Within the KVANT blockchain, such a situation is impossible. Almost instant transactions in KVANT with a minimum fee have already been appreciated by many traders.

Official KVANT site.

Trade KVNT

P.S.: Remember to share the news with the rest of the community. We wish you successful trading!

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