2020-12-23 06:01:40

Listing on BTC-Alpha: Meet Homeros Token (HMR)

Listing on BTC-Alpha: Meet Homeros Token (HMR)

We are happy to inform users about the integration of the Homeros token on our platform!

Let's find out more about this token!

Homeros aims to become a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem that brings the experience of tomorrow to our gamers today. The project has an interface and solution that are designed to accommodate gaming enthusiasts, developers, and merchants. Through the Homeros platform, participants can benefit from the development and launching of blockchain games, secure in-game item marketplace, and access authentic game guides and walkthroughs.

👉What is interesting about Homeros Token?

Integration within games and the community. HMR will be the native token that will be used to purchase various in-game items and actual games within the Homeros Marketplace.

Access or creation of walkthroughs. Amateur players can access gaming guides within the Homeros platform where top players can create a video format to receive HMR tokens.

Upgrade in-game items. Players can use HMR tokens to boost their items within the Homeros Marketplace and acquire limited edition items once made available.

Crowdfunding for game development (IGO). HMR will be the sole crowdfunding asset used during initial game offerings (IGO) held by game developers on the Homeros Game Barracks.

🚀Token deposits and withdrawals are already available on the platform! Also look forward to the announcement of the appearance of trades very soon!

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