2021-07-07 06:24:36

Listing on BTC-Alpha: Meet Gera Coin!

Listing on BTC-Alpha: Meet Gera Coin!

We are happy to inform users about the integration of the Gera token on our platform!

👉Let's find out more about this token!

Gera Coin is a blockchain-based project that aims to provide modest, transparent, and fast cryptocurrency-based solutions for users to have a seamless payment-for-delivery experience. It enables users to make easy and fast payment for deliveries and crypto transfers through its platform.

Meanwhile, individuals and businesses can benefit from a handful of products and services that GERA Coin offers to adjust to the increasing demands of e-commerce and to adapt to the new normal caused by the pandemic

🚀Token deposits are already available on the platform! Also look forward to the announcement of trades tomorrow and withdrawals on 9/07/2021