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EOS listing on BTC-Alpha

EOS listing on BTC-Alpha

Dear users and partners!

BTC-Alpha service informs about the long-awaited EOS (EOS) listing.
Available trading pairs: EOS/BTC, EOS/USDT

the EOS Cryptocurrency was created in summer of 2017, and now it is on the fifth place among digital assets in terms of market capitalization by rating coinmarketcap.com
The popularity of EOS is largely due to the possibility of developing decentralized applications based on blockchain.
EOS has significant advantages. This can be attributed to:
• High level of scalability. The EOS network uses a consensus Protocol called delegated proof-of-stake (DPOS) to process several million transactions per second.
• Flexibility. Thanks to the " delegated proof of stake” Protocol, the probability of a network hard fork due to a hacker attack (what happened to the Ethereum blockchain) is excluded, block producers can suspend the system until Troubleshooting is completed.
• Parallel execution of smart contracts. The blockchain implements the concept of parallel execution of smart contracts, which reduces the processing time of contracts by means of horizontal scaling of the network.
• Decentralized operating system. At its core, the EOS blockchain is an operating system for creating applications and executing smart contracts.
• token holders get ownership of the computing power and resources of the EOS network.

Wish you successful trading!
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