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Vollar integration on BTC-Alpha

Vollar integration on BTC-Alpha

Dear users and partners!

BTC-Alpha crypto exchange informs about listing of Vollar

Available pairs: VOLLAR/BTC

Vollar Introduction:
V-Dimension constructs a fully decentralized ecology of finance and commerce – the Noncentralized Consensus Society Full Ecology Future Currency Network.
The platform will provide users with fully anonymous transactions, Secret Chat, the Vollar/BTC dual wallet that allows conveniently use the same private key to store and manage both currencies,
Resonance Trade, a global, decentralized exchange Distributed OTC Trade, network owned and operated by the users themselves, as well as the Network wide Information Broadcast (VAD).

V-Dimension website:http://vdsvvvxxmxpssszd.onion/
White paper: https://file.globalupload.io/t6Uvc5wPIE.pdf

Exchange cooperation bonus Vollar address is VcT5oxRE3Yd9B1fvCuk6BjhBjnjFJrSh7xW.
(Note, this is not for users to deposit any asset, please do not transfer your coin to this address.)

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