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Integration of Paytomat (PTI) on BTC-Alpha

Integration of Paytomat (PTI) on BTC-Alpha

BTC-Alpha announces the listing of PTI token and in cooperation with Paytomat launches a PTI airdrop for its community.
Total reward: up to 1,000,000 PTI in daily and referral bonuses, a chance to win 25,000 PTI and x2 Amazon Gift cards worth $50!

How to participate in Airdrop?
- Have a BTC-Alpha account (KYC Level 1): BTC-Alpha
- Sign up with Paytomat Airdrop Bot: https://t.me/PaytomatAirdropBot
- Make any operation in the Paytomat Wallet every day during the airdrop period and receive 25 PTI for each day
- Invite friends to this promo campaign and receive 25 PTI for each new member

- The winners will be the top 3 accounts who invited the most participants (at least 5)
First place will get 25,000 PTI [~$125], second and third accounts will get $50 Amazon Gift cards.
*All of the tokens will be distributed at the end of the promo campaign.

Storage and transferring of EOS-tokens requires an EOS-account (the cost of its creation is about $2). For those who don’t have an EOS-account yet, together with Paytomat we offer a free promo code to create an EOS-account (get is through Paytomat Airdrop Bot).

About token PTI:
Funds raised via private placement: 540 BTC
Number of token-holders: 5,000+
Total supply: 3,600,000,000 PTI
Current supply: 425,000,000 PTI
Circulating supply: 275,000,000 PTI

Airdrop start date: 22.04.2019
Airdrop end date: 02.05.2019

Deposit start date: 23.04.2019
Trade start date: 25.04.2019

About Paytomat project:
Paytomat is an infrastructure platform enabling use of cryptocurrencies in daily life. A set of Paytomat solutions opens the possibilities of the decentralized world to the wide masses, hedging the risks, increasing speed and enabling instant payments in multiple cryptocurrencies.
Any existing business using Poster POS will be able to accept payments in the cryptocurrency by installing a simple plugin (the list will be expanded for user convenience). It also has the opportunity to receive local currency in the user’s bank account: dollar, euro, etc.
Paytomat Wallet is a future-proof multi-currency wallet app enabling users to manage their digital assets in a simple and secure way. The wallet supports most popular cryptos as well as ERC20, EOS-based tokens and NEM Mosaics. It has the mQR function that enables to pay via crypto right from the app, making it an ideal tool for everyday use. Paytomat wallet supports 12 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Waves, NEM, EOS, ZCoin, Horizen (formerly ZenCash), Bitcore (BTX), Bitcoin Diamond and TRON. Moreover, the wallet has the latest built-in security features and doesn’t keep any private keys of it’s users.

Key features:
ERC-20, EOS and NEM tokens support;
PTI cash back;
QR-based promo campaigns;
Credit card withdrawal;
Advanced EOS features;
Built-in crypto exchange;
Push notifications for Paytomat services.

More info:
Official website: https://paytomat.com
Paytomat Wallet website: https://wallet.paytomat.com
Whitepaper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/paytomat-web/Whitepaper_en.pdf
Blog: https://medium.com/paytomat
Official community: https://t.me/paytomat

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