2019-09-13 15:35:14

​Integration of the new coin 😎

​Integration of the new coin 😎

Ouroboros is a next-generation DPOS cryptocurrency, created on the base of Cosmos - SDK and Tendermint. The token delivers high transaction transmission capacity with low transaction fees and easy management.
What are the advantages ❓
🛡 Safety as a top priority. The official wallet uses Google Authenticator and audits the information security of all projects through a private bug bounty program.

💰 To ensure the stability of the exchange rate and avoid inflation, an economic model has been developed by taking into account the unsuccessful experience of predecessors.
⚡️ Transmission capacity: the minimum level is 1 thousand transactions per second, and 5 seconds on average to generate a block.
📣 The source code of all projects will be posted on Github under an open-source license. The project supports forks or new crypto projects based on them.
❗️ Paramining is one of the most interesting features that Ouroboros can offer.

Interested in the project? Expect news about the listing of the token on the BTC-Alpha 😉

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