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Integration of Real World Coupon on BTC-Alpha

Integration of Real World Coupon on BTC-Alpha

Dear users and partners! Solemn news! 🎉

🔥We inform about the integration of the Real World Coupon (RWC) token on the BTC-Alpha platform 🔥

Trading in the RWC / BTC pair is already available on the exchange.

Pay attention

❗️️To store RWC tokens outside the exchange, you will need a Paytomat Wallet. Download it from Google Play or Apple Store.

About RWC Token

🏷RWC (Real World Coupon) is the world’s first high performance coupon economy.

🏷The project team seeks to connect the highest level platforms and services with customers around the world so that everyone can benefit. RWC partners include crypto-wallets, crypto sites, crypto-media, advertising agencies, contract audits, and even exchanges.

🏷In addition to the crypto related discounts, the Real World Coupon project is developing the use of discounts in physical stores.

🏷RWC token is based on EOS.

🏷It was released 500 million RWC in total, 25 million of which, at the moment, are in circulation.

Sincerely, BTC-Alpha

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