15 apr, 2019

Integration of EtherZero (ETZ) on BTC-Alpha exchange

Integration of EtherZero (ETZ) on BTC-Alpha exchange

Dear users and partners!

BTC-Alpha informs about integration of EtherZero(ETZ)
Available trading pairs: ETZ/BTC, ETZ/ETH

ETZ this is the coin of EtherZero blockchain platform - fork of Ethereum in creation of which approaches and ideas of Dash were applied, namely - realization of network based on masternodes. As a result blockchain was trasfered from POW to MPOS - Masternode Proof of Stake, developers achieved transaction performance speed in the network up to 1400+ transaction per second, also blocks are generating each second. The platform has all necessary infrastructure. Any contract, written in Solidity can be launched in EtherZero.
BTC-Alpha team

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