2018-07-10 10:33:08

Information for BTC-Alpha users

Information for BTC-Alpha users

Dear Customers and Partners!

Due to the growing popularity of the BTC-Alpha service and the increased incidence of unauthorized access to the accounts of our users, we want to emphasize that your security depends on the complexity of the password and the connection of the two-step authentication.
Also, we encourage users of the BTC-Alpha service to use only official resources of the site.
We do not have any web application! This manipulation was created by malicious people to discredit the BTC-Alpha service and hack our users' accounts .
Pay attention, report all information about the scammers in the feedback tool, Telegram-chat and social networks.

We remind you that detailed information about the rules of the exchange can be found here.
Also, information on the rules of communication in the Telegram Chat.

BTC-Alpha team