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How to use IP whitelist features

How to use IP whitelist features

Dear BTC-Alpha users!

Wanna feel even safer on BTC-Alpha?

Use IP whitelist features!

What: IP address is a unique network address of a node in a computer network. As an additional level of security for your account, we recommend that you add an IP whitelist. This list will allow you to provide access to your account solely from the specified IP addresses.
How: As a rule, most addresses are dynamic. Make sure you have a static IP (which does not change every time you connect to the Internet) and you understand the importance of this function. Please note: by activating and adding an IP whitelist, you will not be able to log into your account from other non-listed IP addresses.
Where: Log in to your account on BTC-Alpha and go to the Security section. Go to the IP Whitelist tab, enable this option and add the IP from which you plan to enter the exchange in the future. Done!
Why: Whitelisting will help you protect your trading account from intruders.

In the following articles and posts, we will tell you more about the whitelist and the difference between static and dynamic IP. Write your questions on this topic on official BTC-Alpha's social networks pages and we will answer them!

BTC-Alpha team

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