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How to begin working with the BTC-Alpha exchange

How to begin working with the BTC-Alpha exchange

Why choose BTC-Alpha?

Users of the platform have access to more than 100 cryptocurrencies and 200+ trading pairs. The crypto exchange presents the most popular assets. BTC-Alpha provides the necessary technical indicators, accurate charts, quick deposits, and withdrawals.
You do not need to install a trading terminal on your computer, you can trade directly in your browser. Graduation of the trading fee on BTC-Alpha is one of the best on the market and the basic one is only 0.2%.

How to sign up?
If your friends or acquaintances are already trading on BTC-Alpha, the obvious advantage would be to register via their referral link. Becoming a referral, you get a 50% discount on the trading fee for 30 days.
However, you can sign up in the standard way on the site and become a referrer (the owner of the referral link). The procedure of registration on the BTC-Alpha exchange will require a minimum of effort and data from you. After, you will be able to become a referrer and receive passive income, inviting new referrals. The more active traders you bring to the exchange, the more you can earn.

How to protect my account?

BTC-Alpha is one of the TOP 15 most secure crypto exchanges in the world. Our developers work daily and tirelessly to make traders feel safe on our website. However, we also insist on the personal responsibility of each user, because as the news headlines show, even huge corporations these days cannot always avoid data leaks and attacks by hackers.
To avoid unpleasant situations provoked by scammers, we recommend you to activate two-factor authentication in your BTC-Alpha account. It is very simple and fast to do that, but the benefits of using 2FA are difficult to overestimate. All the pluses and details of connecting two-factor you will find in this instruction from the exchange BTC-Alpha.

How to deposit funds to my account?

To start trading, you need to have funds on your balance. At this stage, BTC-Alpha exchange cooperates with 5 Fiat payment services: Skrill (for verified users only), AdvCash, Perfect Money, Epay, NixMoney.

How to choose the most suitable service for you to deposit/withdraw funds? Compare the interface, fees and available currencies of each of the 5 services — and choose the most favorable conditions for yourself. Then, sign up on the service of your choice. If you have any difficulties — please contact the support service of a particular service, as BTC-Alpha’s supports DO NOT HAVE information about the nuances of the payment service.
Depositing of Fiat funds to your account MUST BE COMMITTED through the section “Finance” from your account on BTC-Alpha (on the contrary, through the payment service profile, the deposit will not be received). In the case of depositing cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to fill in all blanks on the Deposit page, including comments.
Current information on the time of Deposit is indicated on the page of the currency you want to have on the BTC-Alpha exchange.

Can I start trading? Of course, after successful registration and funds depositing, you can start trading. Choose the coins you are interested in, read analytics and forecasts, exchange experience with other traders in our chat, track the rate and earn money by buying and selling the crypto on time. All your work is done on the well-known principle of “buy cheaper, sell more expensive ”.

You can trade both the most popular coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS) and less well-known, but no less promising (Revain, Mindol, Paytomat) — BTC-Alpha exchange provides you with a wide field for action.

How to withdraw?
After successful trading operations, the next logical step is to withdraw the earned money (both fiat and crypto). To do this, go back to the “Finance” section, select the currency you want to withdraw, and perform all the requested actions.
On average, the process takes from 1 to 5 minutes (for verified users). Unverified users — withdrawals can take up to 72 hours. If you want your withdrawals to go much faster, you should go through the KYC procedure. About how and why to pass verification — read our article.
In general, this is how the algorithm works with BTC-Alpha from A to Z. For a more complete understanding of the principles and mechanisms, we advise you to look at the TOP 10 questions from users.
In addition, BTC-Alpha’s supports are available 24/7 and are happy to answer all your questions.