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CONTEST on BTC-Alpha: $10 for a video about Transfers & cool prizes in the final

CONTEST on BTC-Alpha: $10 for a video about Transfers & cool prizes in the final

$10 for your content and cool prizes in the final drawing 🤑

We recently launched transfers on BTC-Alpha, and now we are announcing a contest. For a video review of the new service, you will receive $10 at your account - and here is what you need to do. To get started, check out our simple and intuitive guide on how Transfers between BTC-Alpha.com users work. You can focus on the example of this video when creating your own material for the contest.

Transfers on BTC-Alpha: How it works

How to get $10 to the account

1️⃣ Take a step-by-step video instruction and show how you transfer funds to another BTC-Alpha user (video duration - at least 1 minute)

2️⃣ Upload your video to the YouTube channel and collect 50+ views

3️⃣ Repost it to your page on VK / Facebook (where you have at least 50 friends)

4️⃣ Confirm your participation in the Google form and our admin using Transfers will send you $10 for fulfilling the conditions of the contest


✔️ You will also automatically become a participant in the drawing of cool prizes at the end of the contest.

What prizes can be won in the finals
1st place "Best Video" - $100 to the winner's account on BTC-Alpha
2nd place - $50 to the winner’s account on BTC-Alpha
3rd place - Coupon for -75% on the trading fee for a month

The winners will be selected by the exchange's administration live on YouTube and Instagram. The date and time of the final drawing will be announced on the official pages of BTC-Alpha in social networks.

Participate and get guaranteed rewards!

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