2021-01-07 22:04:09

Changing the Staking Percentage of PRIZM

Changing the Staking Percentage of PRIZM

Dear users,

BTC-Alpha informs about changing the staking percentage of PRIZM

Our team listens to its users, so we are always ready to launch those projects that are supported by our traders. Thus, the BTC-Alpha exchange launched PRIZM paramining with the highest percentage of profitability on the market.

More than 60 million PZM has been invested in staking by our users so far, which means the success of this product. Unfortunately, due to the growth of "Paratax", we are forced to announce a change in the percentage of profitability per month to 3% without using a promo code, and up to 5% per month with a promo code.

The change in the staking percentage of the PRIZM coin will be executed on 01/11/2021.Each open staking position at this time will be stopped with the payment of all accrued income according to the previous percentage. After that, a new plan of profitability for the current staking amount will be launched.

Yours Sincerely,

BTC-Alpha administration.

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