2019-05-21 14:44:54

Two-way benefit with a new referral program by BTC-Alpha

Two-way benefit with a new referral program by BTC-Alpha

What is a referral program?
A referral program is a way of cooperation between a company and its client, where an existing client is rewarded for bringing new customers from among personally familiar people.
Two-way referral program by BTC-Alpha implies that not only the existing user (referrer) but also attracted new users (referrals) receive a bonus for registering via the referral link.
How to use the program?
To participate in the referral program from BTC-Alpha, follow 3 simple steps:

▪️After signing up on the btc-alpha.com website, you will have a unique referral link (see the “My referrals” section)
▪️By inviting new traders, you become a referrer. The user who registered on your link becomes your referral
▪️A referral is active for 30 days after the first trade
The number of users you can invite to the exchange is unlimited (at the same time, BTC-Alpha reserves the right to adjust the conditions of the referral system)
What does the referrer get?
If you reduce the idea of the referral program to a single sentence, it will sound like this: the more active traders you bring to the BTC-Alpha exchange, the more you can earn.

Thus, constantly inviting new users, you can receive passive income in the amount of 50% of the commission for each your referrals’ purchase or sale on the exchange.
To understand how the program works in practice, consider an illustrative example:

Note: The referral’s deposit amount in the infographic is given as an example and may differ from the actual deposits and trades of your referrals! Depending on the number of ACTIVE referrals, the referrer will receive the appropriate discount percentage (look at the Picture 2).
You can start earning right now by inviting your first referrals.