2019-02-28 12:35:36

Buzcoin Crypto Currency Listing on BTC-Alpha Crypto Exchange

Buzcoin Crypto Currency Listing on BTC-Alpha Crypto Exchange

Buzcoin crypto currency has been listed on the BTC-Alpha crypto exchange and available for trading since the 8th March 2019.
The Buzcoin project probably the most discussed in the runet.
Small wonder, since one of its founders is Olga Buzova - the most popular girl in Russia. According to Yandex survey Olga Buzova took the first place among girls in the category “The Most Popular People”.
“We were selecting the crypto exchange to list the Buzcoin cryptocurrency very comprehensively and carefully. So, I am excited to establish partnership with one of world’s top secure crypto exchange – BTC-Alpha.” – says Olga Buzova.
BUZSOIN is a crypto-currency, the settlement unit of the BUZAR blockchain platform.
The BUZAR platform is an integrated ecosystem where the functions of a trading platform and a communication service are realized simultaneously.

BTC-Alpha is a digital asset trading platform providing advanced financial services to traders worldwide since 2015. BTC-Alpha is a reliable, secure and stable environment for crypto trading with low commission fee and 24/7 customer support. There are 98 coins and 188 currency pairs presented on the BTC-Alpha.

BTC-Alpha is one of the top world secure crypto exchange. According to latest General Exchange Security Rating, provided by ICOrating, BTC-Alpha was ranked №14 out of 221 studied crypto exchanges with “A” rating.

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