2019-11-08 15:25:43

BTC-Alpha's Birthday contest is over!

BTC-Alpha's Birthday contest is over!

BTC-Alpha's birthday contest is over!

Winners of the #hb_btcalpha contest have already received their well-deserved prizes:

1️⃣ iskanderam - 1200 ALP Coin for best exchange congratulations on the 4th anniversary. He was chosen by the BTC-Alpha team. 2️⃣ kulakova.yulia - 800 ALP Coin for Stories with congratulations and mentioning of BTC-Alpha. This winner was randomly selected live on Instagram.

And the bonus - kimprong14111996 - 100 ALP Coin for the creative approach to congratulating the BTC-Alpha exchange on its 4th anniversary! 🎁

We're already delivering 20 ALP Coins to everyone who recorded the BTC-Alpha birthday greetings and posted it on their Instagram feed. Within a few hours, all participants will receive their reward 🤑

Continue trading on the BTC-Alpha.com platform and follow our contests in the future in social networks!

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