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BTC-Alpha Paradise - a new IEO launchpad

BTC-Alpha Paradise - a new IEO launchpad

Dear users and partners!

We rush to share the great news — very soon BTC-Alpha exchange will hold its first IEO (Initial Exchange offers).
IEO is an initial exchange offer which is organized in the most convenient and secure way.

The benefits of IEO:
— more secure funds raising unlike ICO;
— instant listing;

Advantages of IEO for traders:
- projects are thoroughly tested so IEO a more secure form of investment in contrast to ICO;
- product liquidity: the listing of tokens on the exchange is carried out a few days after the token sale;
- ease of buying enough to replenish the balance on the exchange, as usual, to wait for licensee and place a buy order;
- tokens are sold for all at a single price - which reduces the likelihood of falling rates from early investors.

Do not miss the opportunity to apply for the IEO! All that is required at this stage is to fill in the following form:
Google Form

BTC-Alpha team

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