2019-10-10 16:12:28

BTC-Alpha launched internal exchange token ALP Coin!

BTC-Alpha launched internal exchange token ALP Coin!

🅰️ ALP Coin is an internal BTC-Alpha token developed using the Ethereum ecosystem. The ERC-20 standard is supported by most cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets.

📝 Smart contract of the token is written in Solidity, and it complies with the international security standards ISO / IEC 27001 and CryptoCurrency Security Standard.

What's cool❓

- ALP Coin holders have access to the benefits of the entire exchange's ecosystem ✅
- ALP Coin hodlers will be able to save on trade fees and receive increased referral payments 🤑
- profitable rates on Alpha Paradise IEO platform for ALP Coin hodlers
- rewards and bonuses for users in ALP Coin 🎁
- in 2020 - additional financial instruments 🤫

More information about the new ALP Coin token via the [link](https://btc-alpha.com/alp-coin/) ⬇️

Enjoy trading on the BTC-Alpha exchange!

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