2020-06-19 13:22:38

BTC-Alpha integrates Alpha Listing Coin: ALC is everyone’s benefit

BTC-Alpha integrates Alpha Listing Coin: ALC is everyone’s benefit

Alpha Listing Coin (ALC): Gives you the power to support

ALC was created as a virtual coin for Social Listing on BTC-Alpha. Using ALC you can support a new cryptocurrency project and, giving your vote in ALC, help it to get listed on BTC-Alpha.com.
You can find out more about ALC and Social Listing from the Question-Answer below.

How can I get ALC?
— Every user who signs up and passes through KYC (Level 1+) on BTC-Alpha.com will be automatically credited with 100 Alpha Listing Coin (ALC).

What is the ALC rate?
— The rate of Alpha Listing Coin will be constant: 1 ALC = 0.00001 BTC.

How much ALC needs a project to collect during Social Listing campaign to get listed on BTC-Alpha?
— When a project collects 300 000 ALC (=3 BTC) — it will be listed on the BTC-Alpha and the users can start trading it.

How much ALC can one user donate?
— One user can donate all the available 100 ALC at once to one project, or they can be distributed between several different projects which are participating in Social Listing. The ALC cannot be sent from one user to another by Alpha Codes nor Transfers. Users can only donate them via Social Listing to the coin/token they want to support.

Can I trade or withdraw ALC?
— No, Alpha Listing Coin cannot be traded or withdrawn. It’s a virtual currency which can only be used in terms of Social Listing.

How else can I support a project?
— There are 3 available ways to show your support during the Social Listing campaign of your favourite project.
1 - Donate some or all of your Alpha Listing Coins (ALC) (you need to sign up and pass through KYC (Level 1+) on BTC-Alpha beforehand)
2 - Transfer BTC from your BTC-Alpha account (you need to sign up beforehand) — remember that 0.00001 BTC = 1 ALC.
3 - Donate directly using our BTC Address (no need to sign up beforehand)

How Social Listing works?
— Using social listing, the project gets donations to pay for adding its coin or token to the new crypto exchange. For this launch to occur on BTC-Alpha, the development team brings its community to the crypto exchange — and begins raising funds for the project. If the required amount (300 000 ALC) is collected on time (during 1 year) — a new coin or token will be listed on this cryptocurrency exchange.

Why is Social Listing a good idea?
— Listing on a crypto exchange with a reliable reputation automatically increases the chances of an asset becoming more expensive. But funds are needed to enter the new exchange. If the team does not have them, the social listing comes to the rescue. When the project is already working, it has an altcoin, an active community and plans for the future, it's time to use the support of the community — and raise the necessary funds for listing and promoting the coin for further trading.

What do I need to submit a project for a Social Listing?
- A complete and legally transparent package of documents
- No connection of the project with political goals, movements and organizations or parties
- An active team of more than 1 person and the presence of an active community around a coin or token
- The relevance of the developed product
- True and timely disclosed information about the project and its technical component in open sources (Github, Bitcointalk)
- The presence of a high-quality program document with a description of all the parameters, current capabilities, plans and tasks of the team (preferably in white-paper format).