2019-07-18 09:56:21

BTC-Alpha has delisted 26 coins

BTC-Alpha has delisted 26 coins

Dear traders!

In order to protect users, every asset that is traded on the BTC-Alpha platform is periodically checked for compliance with the listing rules. When analyzing, we take into account many factors, including trading interest, liquidity, quality and level of community activity to tokens and coins.

According to the crypto exchange's rules, if the volume of daily trading in a pair is less than 0.1 BTC during the week, and the volume of each of the order books is less than the equivalent of one Bitcoin, this pair can be closed at the discretion of the administration. Also, if there are no active pairs, the coin is filed for delisting.

Given this, we inform you about the delisting of the following coins: Agrolot (AGLT), ATFS (ATFS), Bitqy (BQ), Car Sharing (CARS), Cerberus (CBS), Contractnet (CNET), EncrypGen (DNA), Eticket4 (ET4), GMIT (GMIT), iTiCoin (ITI), LHCoin (LHCoin), Medic Coin (MEDIC), Regalseven (R7), Regalcoin (REC), Risk Sharing Token (RST), Sibcoin (SIB), Skraps (SKRP), Truckcoin (TRKC), Universe (UNI), Victorium (VIC), Whitestone Coin (WHS), FuturesCoin (FC), Stationcoin (STS), Vssn token (VSSN), YoCoin (YOC), Bitcoin Candy (CDY). Please note that deposits will be turned off on Thursday, 07/18/2019 at 12:00 UTC.Trades in these coins will be turned off on Monday, 07/22/2019 at 12:00 UTC Users will have the opportunity to withdraw their funds from the platform within 60 days after the close of trading. On the expiration of this period, from 09/06/2019, the withdrawals and wallets will be unavailable, and the nodes of these coins will be disabled.

We thank you for your support and continue to cultivate a strong crypto-community together.

Sincerely, BTC-Alpha team

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