2019-02-19 13:21:58

BTC-Alpha crypto exchange launched the KYC verification

BTC-Alpha crypto exchange launched the KYC verification

Dear users of BTC-Alpha crypto exchange,

We are ceaseless developing our product to give the best customer experience and high-quality services to our members. In the nearest future we plan to provide a number of new services within our trading platform, such as:
- account recovery
- withdrawal to credit cards
- funds withdraw to bank accounts
- and many other

To make all of these ambitions possible, we launched the KYC verification on BTC-Alpha crypto exchange. We aim at keeping our trading platform safe, trustworthy, and compliant.
Verification procedure is executed in early version and our support team is on standby to help our users to pass through KYC verification.
Successfully passed KYC verification will let you get more advantages of using BTC-Alpha in the future.

Thank you for staying with us.