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​Assets Security Checklist By BTC-Alpha

​Assets Security Checklist By BTC-Alpha

Assets Security Checklist By BTC-Alpha

We have decided to remind you of the rules of safe stay online and have prepared a small checklist. It is not necessary to wait for better times, check the security of your trading account now. So how does a perfect account of a BTC-Alpha funds owner look like?
The trader:
✅ Signed up through an unique email for trading
✅ Always uses a unique password for each platform and service
✅ Enabled two-factor authentication
✅ Connected 2FA for mail service also
✅ Enabled IP whitelist
✅ Periodically checks the history of sessions in the "Security" section
✅ Does not open suspicious links and files
✅ Does not pass on important data and passwords to others, even to people close to you
✅ Communicates online only with confirmed exchange representatives
✅ Verified account to have additional funds insurance

And how many security ✔️ ticks do you have❓

At BTC-Alpha, we value the security of our platform and are responsible for safeguarding your assets. The Exchange is in the TOP 15 of 200+ crypto exchanges by ICORating security rating.
Take a look at Security page and be sure to use additional tools.
If you have any questions - write to us on social networks or via [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

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