2020-08-25 14:08:13

Announcement: KRG Token becomes closer to arriving on BTC-Alpha

Announcement: KRG Token becomes closer to arriving on BTC-Alpha

Offline business and crypto asset: don't you think it's compatible? Find out how to succeed with the new token. We present to your attention the KRG Token, which will soon be available on BTC-Alpha.

What is KRG?

KRG Token is a digital asset in the form of a token, created on the ERC-20 protocols. KRG Token has a non-standard placement form. Unlike many assets, the KRG Token issued by Blockchain Technology is backed by an active business in the real sector of the economy.

What is the basis for the KRG emission?

One of the founders of Blockchain Technology is the owner of the office and hotel complex "Karaganda" in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the city of Karaganda. According to the founders of the project, KRG will subsequently be redeemed at the expense of the profit of this business.

"This is, in fact, a new type of digital asset issue under the guarantees of an already existing business that brings a stable income," the KRG Token team said.

Very soon we will tell you about more opportunities of the KRG token on BTC-Alpha. Stay in touch!

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