2019-08-23 09:49:46

Announcement from Vitalii Bodnar, CEO BTC-Alpha to users

Announcement from Vitalii Bodnar, CEO BTC-Alpha to users

⚠️ Dear BTC-Alpha users!

Many users ask logical questions, what will happen to their balance after the platform continues working?

I want to clarify the situation: we examined several ways to solve the current situation, and indeed, on August 22, we had to restore all trading operations from the latest actual backup, namely: 23:00 on 08.21.19. On the side of the data centre, some problems entailed some errors, as it turned out we were not the only platform that suffered through the fault of data centres, several exchanges, including such a giant as Binance, suffered.

It is very important how the team behaves in extreme situations, how it solves problems. In such situations, you as users can decide whether to trust the trading site as a reliable platform. I sincerely hope that the credit of trust obtained as a result of 5 years of hard work of our team will allow you to stay with us.

We inform you that 08/23/19. system rollback will not be! All balances and orders will remain intact. I promised that a situation like yesterday would not happen again, which means that you need to be responsible for your words! Money to cover the executed orders will be used from the BTC-Alpha personal closed reserve fund.

Our team works 24 hours / 7 days a week to ensure the stable operation of the trading platform.

In gratitude for your loyalty, we provide all users with -50% on the trading fee for the next 7 days. We assure you that the exchange uses the stop of trading only in case of critical failures, which could not be avoided even with the thoroughness of the measures taken to minimize the number of potentially contentious situations.

We hope for your support and understanding.

Sincerely, Vitalii Bodnar, CEO BTC-Alpha

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