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Alpha Paradise — the evolution of token sale! Progress with BTC-Alpha!

Alpha Paradise — the evolution of token sale! Progress with BTC-Alpha!

How does it work?

In short, the developers send their tokens to the BTC-Alpha exchange (after passing an audit and technical check), and users of the platform can purchase digital assets at a fixed price. The investment process is as simple as possible — you do not need to register on the project website, buy Ethereum and send it to an unknown smart contract.

How does the pre-market of tokens on Alpha Paradise go?

For timely participation in the token sale, you must beforehand create an account on the exchange and go through the procedure of identity verification. To explore the digital asset that you want to purchase, you need to go to the Alpha Paradise page. A large banner announces a project that will soon hold a token sale on the exchange. Clicking on the “Participate” button will take you to a page with detailed information regarding the project participating in the pre-market of tokens.

On the same page on the right displays the countdown time to the end of each stage (pre-market, token sale, closing). Here you can see the number of tokens already reserved and the total amount invested in BTC. The only cryptocurrency admitted to the token sale is Bitcoin. For reservations and further participation in Alpha Paradise, there must be enough coins in your account to participate in the token sale. By clicking on the “RESERVE” button, you will get the opportunity to participate in the pre-order to purchase tokens. The period and conditions of pre-order are determined for each project separately.

The investment procedure is extremely simple — on the purchase panel, you can enter the desired amount in BTC, or a certain number of RWC tokens for purchase. Listing of tokens to the exchange is carried out 3–10 days after the token sale. To apply for a pre-market of tokens and find out the requirements of the BTC-Alpha exchange for projects — complete the following form.

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