Demo Trading on BTC-Alpha

No risks - pure experience! Always wanted to learn how to trade with cryptocurrencies, but were afraid to take risks? Register and go to demo account - where the first Bitcoin is waiting for you.
Multiply assets
Walk the lossless path from a beginner to a trader on real pairs
Get bonuses
For each completed task, BTCd and USDTd will be credited to your demo account
Safe trading
Explore the market with demo trading - and increase your real balance in the future

What is interesting about Demo Trading ?

Demo Tether USDT
Demo Bitcoin
This is your opportunity to learn trading without the risk of losing money on bad deals. Boost your trader skills, build new approaches to signals and spots, improve your trader skills - without worrying about how much money you spend. Learn to earn with us!

How to get bonus ?

We have prepared many options for you on how to increase your assets on a demo account. Ready?
demo-btc  + 1 BTCd
usdt  +10 000 USDTd
Sign up for BTC-Alpha
+ 1 BTCd
Make a deposit on the main account in the amount of $ 10
demo-btc  + 0.2 BTCd
usdt  +10 000 USDTd
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Tell us about the demo trading on BTC-Alpha in the video on YouTube

and your demo account will be credited with:
demo-btc  + 0.1 BTCd
usdt  + 500 USDTd
for 50+ views
usdt-btc  + 0.2 BTCd
usdt  + 1000 USDTd
for 100+ views
demo-btc  + 2 BTCd
usdt  + 10000 USDTd
for 1000+ views

Even more features

The opportunities for demo trading and getting bonuses will only expand!
demo-btc  + 1 BTCd
Upload a profile picture with the BTC-Alpha
logo on social networks. Download logo
usdt  +10 000 USDTd
Write posts on the forums about the news and benefits of the exchange
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btc-alpha- support

Wish you success in demo trading

If you have any questions, at each stage of your work, as always, you are accompanied by BTC-Alpha 24/7 support. The fastest way to get a detailed answer is to find us on social networks or write to [email protected]