WHS  |  WHS  |  Whitestone Coin


Symbol:  WHS

Official name:  Whitestone Coin

Network:  Ethereum

Asset label:  ERC20

Asset type:  Token

Blockchain-based Art Platform. The funds raised through this sale will go towards a new kind of the art trading platform that offers benefits for all, including artists, art lovers, galleries, museums, appraisers, or even who are new to art. The platform allows all parties to interact with each other, trade and settle for cryptocurrencies, while the blockchain keeps a public record for everybody to see and explore. Leveraging the trust that is inherent to this untamperable public record, we can remove a lot of fees and middlemen that are required to complete high-value transactions using old-fashioned systems. Platform also allows the linking of biometric data with the blockchain and solve the question of genuineness.


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Status:  Good


Status:  Removed



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