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Symbol:  SKRP

Official name:  Skraps

Network:  Ethereum

Asset label:  ERC20

Asset type:  Token

The Skraps platform will help people invest in cryptocurrency in an easy way, without feeling the cognitive burden to take out time to invest and choose the assets to invest in. We all know that even the best investors can’t time the market perfectly. The best strategy is to build a diversified portfolio based on one’s risk appetite and do systematic investments, i.e. invest a specified amount of money in regular time intervals. This time averaging takes away the need to time the market perfectly. Skraps is a unique way to encourage this systematic investment for crypto tokens. Especially since crypto tokens are very volatile, people tend to buy in upswings and sell in down-swings. This is not a good strategy as people are just reacting to rumors in these cases. Skraps takes the cognitive burden away from investing and helps you save in your day to day transactions.


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Status:  Good


Status:  Removed



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