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Symbol:  PZM

Official name:  Prizm

Network:  PRIZM

PRIZM (PZM) - this is decen- tralized and self-regulating electronic currency. A new implementation of the conception of this crypt allows every proponent to quickly and reliably produce money  the sparks directly, so as to transfer money from one hand to another. The technical characteristics of PRIZM are as follows: The blockology of Blockchain. The use of the H2Database DBMS, also the bin storage. The core of the system is the NXT-core, with preprogrammed ma- chanism. Reaffirmation of transactions, with a line of instructions, repo transactions, directed to the implementation of the P2P financial system, reconciliation. In the system there is a commission for processing (0.5%), directed to the protection of the P2P network from the Danish DdoS-atak. The commission from these transportations within the system is distributed among those who use the network, which in the generation of new blocks in Blockchain.