EDC  |  EDC  |  EDC Blockchain


Symbol:  EDC

Official name:  EDC Blockchain

Network:  Ethereum

Asset label:  ERC20

Asset type:  Token

EDC Blockchain follows the philosophy of its "community" in its development. Behind the online wallets and transactions, there are always real people, so the project team aims to create conditions that would satisfy all the needs and ambazitions of all people on the planet so that everyone could provide the most comfortable life and realize all their potential. This is the main approach to the development of all our products and special offers. The key tool of the EDC Blockchain platform is the EDC. EDC is a daily coin that provides access to all EDC Blockchain products and even allows you to receive daily coin leasing rewards. EDC refers to utility tokens. The market price of the coin is formed in accordance with the laws of supply and demand. The combustion mechanism maintains a natural shortage of coins in circulation and high liquidity. Growth in demand for the EDC coin, as well as an increase in the number of active members of our community, in turn, will further increase the liquidity of the EDC.