CTG  |  CTG  |  Cryptorg Token


Symbol:  CTG

Official name:  Cryptorg Token

Network:  Ethereum

Asset label:  ERC20

Asset type:  Token

The service is designed to automate trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Provides a convenient interface for creating and configuring trading bots. The platform was launched in July 2017 and is one of the world's largest cloud trading platforms. From May 1, 2019, the platform began to provide users with the opportunity to trade mining (Trade-to-mine) through trading bots. Rewards are awarded for each successful transaction completed by the bot in the form of tokens. Trading on trading pairs with CTG doubles the efficiency of mining. There is also the possibility of passive earnings for staking from 100 thousand coins within the platform. Tokens can be withdrawn from the platform to external and exchange wallets, however, the more tokens are on the balance of the Cryptorg account, the higher the efficiency of trading mining. Since March 2020, Cryptorg has been an independent exchange, the number of traders is growing every day and this affects the demand for the token What CTG can be used for: - 25% discount on commissions for trading on our own exchange Cryptorg.Exchange (works similar to the discount for BNB on Binance) - Trading CTG tokens on exchanges. - Payment of tariffs on Cryptorg.net with additional benefit. - Marketplace at Cryptorg. The ability to buy digital goods and subscriptions from various financial companies.