18 Juli, 2020 

Who Owns The Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The World

There are already more than 500 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and this list continues growing. Those who started 10 years ago, having nothing except enthusiasm, ideas and faith in the chosen business, were properly rewarded for their perseverance. Who is at the helm of the largest crypto exchanges in the world?
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Who Owns The Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The World

Common guys-programmers who became billionaires, but deep down they remained the same forever-young enthusiasts with burning eyes. Sharks of the world of fintech, who have seen a lot and correctly evaluated the promising technology with an experienced look. They do not appear in the scandalous chronicles of social life, yet simply continue to do what they love.


Changpen Zhao, a developer from China, believed in Bitcoin and sold his house to devote his future to digital money. His brainchild, Binance, has for many years been the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Despite the fact that Zhao appeared on the cover of Forbes, the crypto billionaire has an ascetic lifestyle and does not throw money down the drain. All he is interested in is cryptocurrencies and technologies.


This largest U.S. exchange was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ersam in 2011. Armstrong is called a "financial anarchist." He is a staunch advocate of decentralized finance. It was his entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering belief in his ideals that helped make Coinbase one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world for both users and traders.


Leon Lee is the founder and director of Huobi, Singapore's cryptocurrency exchange, which is very popular in Asia, came to the crypto sphere with serious baggage of work in the fintech in leadership positions. His credo is the continuous development and implementation of the latest technological innovations.

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Jess Powell was on the topic of digital money back in 2001. His work experience was related to the gaming industry, where financial transactions were carried out using in-game currency. Powell's brainchild, Kraken, became one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and is still holding its ground.


This largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea is owned by the financial company BTC KoreaCom. Its creator is Javier Sim, previously a banker with the International Bank of China. It was his business acumen and deep understanding of the world of finance that made Bithumb so global and successful business.


This Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency platform, one of the first in the world, is a subsidiary of iFinex, which also owns Tether, which issues the well-known stable-coin USDT. The director of the exchange, the mysterious Dutchman Jean-Louis van der Velde, has been working in the field of technology for more than 30 years and does not like to spread media coverage about himself.


Yuzo Kano, founder of the Japanese exchange bitFlyer, previously worked at one of the largest investment banks Goldman Sachs. He heads the Japan Blockchain Association and the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association, which speaks volumes about him as a leader and authority.


The Japanese exchange Bitbank is relatively young. It was founded in 2016, but this does not prevent it from breathing into the backs of old-timers of the crypto industry. Its director Noriyuki Hirosue provides almost nothing about himself to the public eye.

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One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States is in the safe hands of Bill Sihara. This man gave 11 years of his life to work in the cybersecurity service of Microsoft, 2 years worked at Amazon and another 2 he has spent at Blackberry. Bittrex was not Sihara's first cryptocurrency project, but it was this exchange that became the work of his life.


Luxembourg-based Bitstamp is notable for being the first licensed crypto exchange in the European Union. The director of the stock exchange Nejic Kodric, of Slovenia origin, who has participated in many conferences, has previously worked with information systems and the management of organizations.

As you can see, the path to success for all these people was different, but they are united by several important things — knowledge of technology and openness to innovation are among them. Subscribe to the channels of our blog in Telegram (for both Russian- and English-speaking readers) to be the first to know more stories like this one.

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