15 Juni, 2020 

How To Get Your Project Ready For Crowdfunding

We live in an era of opportunities, and the Internet provides us with unique tools to make our projects and ideas known to a wide audience. With the transition of life to the format of social networks, the marketing world has changed and will never again be the same. And this is true for the blockchain industry to no lesser extent.
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How To Get Your Project Ready For Crowdfunding

Now, missing funds for a startup can be raised using crowdfunding — by collecting voluntary donations from users. But the very fact of launching a crowdfunding campaign does not guarantee that it will succeed and the necessary amount of money will be raised. You need to be able to raise interest among people and believe in your product so that they want to support it financially.

So, when preparing your project for a crowdfunding campaign, you need to think over its strategy, presentation and organization of PR in social networks. Here is what you need to present your startup in the most favorable light.

Finding Your Idea

It is the idea that ignites people and affects their emotions. It’s just that the product will not cause interest and understanding why you are creating it. It is necessary to clearly state the idea, purpose, prospects of the project so that people imagine the world «before» and «after» your product, and they liked the second so much that they would like to see it and participate in the implementation of your plans.

Time To Separate The Tasks

The correct performing and organizing the crowdfunding campaign implies the coordinated work of a team in which everyone is responsible for a certain part of the work. Someone may be involved in the design, someone else will work with social networks, the third one will conduct the financial part, etc. A clear division of tasks into areas of responsibility will help make the campaign well-thought-out and effective.

Learn By Examples — The Best Ones

It is worth preparing a selection of examples of successful crowdfunding and carefully studying it. How did they manage to attract an audience to their projects? Which of their experience can you adopt? It would not be superfluous to make the same selection of failed crowdfunding and try to understand why such a fate befell them so as not to repeat their mistakes.

Create Your System Of Rewards

People will be more willing to invest in your project if they receive bonuses as a thank you. Think in what form they will be provided — it can be free delivery, discounts or bonus services — and calculate the budget for them.

Calculate Your Costs

The project budget should include expenses on the commission of payment systems and platforms, advertising, and remuneration. In the estimate, it will be necessary to take into account the duration of the campaign in the worst-case scenario. It is impossible to calculate everything in advance, but it is worth trying to the maximum.

Make It Visual — And Great-Looking

If this is an infographic, it should be boring and formulated simply and intelligibly. If this is video content, it should be lively and involving, giving the audience a chance to know its creator better. If these are images, they should be attractive and emotional, but do not overdo it with playing on emotions. Conflicting images that can cause mixed reactions are best avoided.

With a thoughtful and organized approach, crowdfunding of your project will surely find the key to the hearts of the audience and will be doomed to success.

And if you or your team want to raise funds to launch your token or coin into the market — we will present you with a new opportunity for this soon, so stay tuned via Facebook.

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